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Residential Gutters Cleaning

Choosing for The Clean Gutter Company in Christchurch means choosing a team of dedicated professionals well-versed in the local climate’s impact on residential and commercial properties. We expertly divert rainwater, safeguarding your property by protecting landscaping, preventing soil erosion, and maintaining both its visual appeal and structural integrity.

Our thorough cleaning services at The Clean Gutters Company employ a variety of methods and techniques, ensuring that both internal and external gutters remain free of debris and function efficiently. From internal channels to external troughs, we address all components of your gutter system, customizing our approach to meet your property’s specific needs. Rely on us for comprehensive and dependable gutter maintenance, enhancing the durability and performance of your gutters in Christchurch and its surroundings.

Here are some common types of residential gutter cleaning:

Standard Gutter Cleaning

Standard gutter cleaning is a simple process that involves removing leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris from your gutters and downspouts. The main goal is to allow rainwater to flow smoothly through the gutter system, preventing any blockages that could lead to water damage. Our team conducts a series of tasks to efficiently clear out debris, guaranteeing the optimal functioning of your gutters.

3 & 4 Storey Gutter Cleaning

3 & 4 storey buildings require a combination of skill, safety measures, and specialized equipment. Our skilled team conducts safety assessments, use specialized equipment, and perform tasks such as roof debris removal, manual gutter clearing, and high-powered blowing or vacuuming. Flushing with water ensures a thorough clean, and inspections identify repairs and assess gutter guards. This process guarantees unobstructed water flow, maintains structural integrity, and prevents potential water damage.

Full Wash Service (Gutters, Soffits & Fascias)

A Full Wash Service for gutters, soffits, and fascias is a comprehensive exterior cleaning package provided by us. This inclusive service extends beyond conventional gutter cleaning, encompassing the thorough cleaning of soffits (undersurface of roof overhangs) and fascias (vertical facing boards along the roofline). The process involves debris removal from gutters, flushing for unobstructed

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Conservatory roof cleaning is the process of cleaning and maintaining the roof of a conservatory, which is typically made of glass or polycarbonate panels. This cleaning involves removing dirt, moss, algae, bird droppings, and other debris that can accumulate over time. Our trained staff clean out leaves, twigs, and debris from the gutters, making sure water can flow properly. Using water hoses or pressure washers, we flush out any remaining stuff and check the downspouts for good drainage. Our team also look for damage or leaks during their inspection, fixing issues early on.

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